The Pros and Cons of Becoming a Security Guard

There are many of things both in favor of and against becoming a security guard. You will need to know and examine these pros and cons well before committing yourself. This article explains some of the important pluses and minuses involved to help you make a decision that is right for you.Licensed Security Guard – Ontario Northwest Security Services : Security  Guard Company Thunder Bay | Dryden Mobile Patrol Security | Sudbury Loss  Prevention Security in Thunder Bay | Fort Frances Security Guard


1. It’s relatively easy to find a job as a security guard.

See, ever since the 9/11 attacks, security positions have increased dramatically in the United States. If you’ve ever been to the airport since 2001, you can easily tell this is true – and it’s not just in airports where the number of guards has risen.

2. It’s a great starting point for higher paying protective services employment.

For example: It opens up the opportunity to possibly become an armed guard after completing the additional training required to obtain your firearms card. Additionally, you may be able to land a job as a bouncer or a pit boss in a casino, or be contracted into a private security position with a company that could pay you more. You may need to obtain additional training certificates in order to get hired in a higher paying position, but usually the training isn’t all that difficult, and can be done over the weekend if needed.

3. You get to protect your community and/or the company through which you are hired.

Bottom line, it can be really fulfilling position because you get to protect a piece of property and/or a group of people, and have people come to you for help when needed.. Many times while on duty, you will be called upon for help, almost in a customer service like position. Other times, you may be needed to help contact the police or fire department in security companies critical situations, and you could possibly stop thieves and hoodlums from causing havoc.

If you take that into consideration, then it makes sense to become a security guard. But, those are the advantages. There’s a bad side as well. Here are some of the drawbacks which you should also consider before entering this field.


1. It’s a relatively low paying position at first.

When you enter the protective services arena at an entry-level position, you’re very likely to see a wage or salary not too much higher than the minimum wage in your area. This is very common, especially if you work as a retail guard. Money is an important aspect in job selection, so if you need a high paying position immediately, this might not be the right path for you.

2. Work can be relatively unsafe.

You may be put in a position where your life is at risk, and that is something you will need to consider before entering this field.

3. You will need to write a lot of reports. Writing reports is something that all security guards must do, because it helps to log and keep track of everything suspicious that goes on while you’re on duty. These reports may be used in court or to help clarify any incidents that may have occurred, so you need to know how to write well.

A final reason to avoid becoming a security guard is you will potentially need to walk around a lot. This may be perfect for some people, while not for others. If you prefer a desk job, although there are some security desk job type positions (for example surveillance monitors), those jobs are not widely available, so you will need to be constantly moving and monitoring your areas by foot.. Everyone should think about this point very carefully, mainly because it could lead straight to lethargy and simply just being tired after a long work day. On the other hand, you may enjoy the exercise and actually lose some weight if you decide to become a security guard, which might work out in your favor.


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